Dredging & Marine

MAESTROTIDE LIMITED is an experienced Hydraulic Dredging & Marine Contractor. We specialize in Hydraulic Dredging of Harbors, Drydocks, Rivers, Land Reclamation, Shoreline Protection, Lakes, Marinas, Ponds, Intakes & Environmental Sediment Ponds.

Engineering Construction Services

We are competent in General Engineering Construction Services. We do consulting for both public and private agencies on project feasibility and design. As many of our clients will tell you, we can design and implement a creative and innovative solution for your dredging and spoils containment needs. We are committed to providing the very best dredging service available for you, your company, and the environment.


As part of the comprehensive dredging process, we use a treatment for the conditioning of water and soil known as bioremediation.  Central to the treatment process is a technology that uses bacteria and other microorganisms for degrading complex compounds associated with pollution. When applied as a part of the engineering/dredging/management programs this form of bioremediation has proven to reduce toxic leachates from entering the groundwater systems, while reducing organic sediments and other point source pollutants in the surface water column. The active bacteria products we use are non-pathogenic, non-engineered, naturally occurring environmental isolates that are patented and EPA approved. In most cases, after thorough testing and analysis, a treatment program can be developed for any body of water suffering from the effects of eutrophication, storm water runoff, sewer discharge or industrial effluent.


MAESTROTIDE LIMITED is committed to high quality and environmentally sound dredging and construction practices.

GeoTubes, Beach Restoration, and Trenchless Pipe Replacement are but a few examples of our environmental commitment.

GeoTubes are made of high strength polyester fabric panels sewn longitudinally to form a nominal thirty foot circumference tube with closed ends sewn flat. Lengths are fabricated as required. Dredge material is pumped into the GeoTube, then the effluent water “seeps” out of the tube fabric and the dredge materials are contained. They can be used as dredge containment, barriers and in beach & dune reconstruction. The GeoTubes can be then covered over with sand and planted with dune grass.


Sand is first hydraulically dredged from the dredge site and transported via pipeline to the restoration area. There the dredge materials are deposited and later graded and planted with grass.


Pipebursting is a method of Trenchless Technology where old, damaged pipe (sewer, water, gas or other production pipelines) can be replaced with “size for size” or “up sized” new pipe, all without having to dig it up. The pipebursting tool is inserted into the old pipe through a small insertion pit, travels through the old pipe, bursting it as it goes, and pulling the new pipe in place behind it.

The trenchless tool burst the old pipe that ran beneath this marina building simultaneously replacing it with the new PE pipe. Concerns of tool vibration damaging the old structure proved unfounded.

The cast iron pipe incorporated cement sealed joints, which were easily burst.

Our use of GeoTubes

Our use of GeoTubes can be a more economical & environmentally friendly solution for your dredging containment needs. This is especially important where proper spoils containment is important but not always feasible with traditional containment designs.

Our strategy

We can also design & build the more traditional dredge spoils containment pond.One of our more creative solutions is the use of “jersey barriers” to contain the dredging sediments. This, in combination with an environmentally approved drying agent, allows for safe upland disposal of dredge materials.

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